Lift a chestnut! Tableau Trise (136): Learn to take a corners target
published: 2021-06-11 17:35

The target diagram is a very common analysis chart, which is ideal for user analysis target progress. Previously, we have shared the implementation of the overconignant target (targeting).

Demand is always getting more and more new! After the color-controlled data powder, after seeing the rounded bar chart, a new idea is proposed: Can the target target are also rounded (as shown below)?

The answer is yes, today we will share: How to achieve this, beautiful and intuitive round target map in Tableau!

The Tableau tricks we want to share with you this issue are: Learning to make a rounded target target.

For convenience, chestnuts use a more simple homemade data source (as shown below). After mastering the chestnut method, the data powder can try to use its own data.

Specific steps are as follows:

1、Connection data source

Open Tableau Desktop, connect the chestnut data source, create a new worksheet.

2、Create a data bucket

In the "Data" pane, right click on the menu "PATH" and select "Create" - "Data Bucket" in the drop-down menu.

In the "Edit Grade" dialog box that pops up, name the field: PATH (data barrel), the data barrel value is set to: 1.

3、Create a calculation field

Next, create a calculation field: index. Right-click on the "Data" pane, select "Create" - "Calculate Field" in the drop-down menu, type function:


4、Create a view

Drag and drop the original calculation field "index" to the column, drag and drop the dimension "Team" to the line, and select the tag type of the "Mark" card to: circle.

Right click on the "Team" capsule on the line, in the "Sort" dialog box pop-up, sort the sort based on: field, sort order Selection is: descending order, field name selection: Value.

In the color of the dimension "Team" dragged and dropped to the "Tag" card, drag the dimension "category" to the detailed information of the "Tag" card. Then, click the Detailed information identifier on the left of the "Category" capsule on the "Tag" card, in the drop-down menu, select the Color tag.

Right click on "Category" capsules on the "Mark" card, select "Sort", manually sort in the "Sort" dialog box pop-up.

The dimension "Path" "Drag and drop to the detailed information" Tag "card. Right click on "INDEX" capsules on the column, select "Calculate" - "Path (DB)" in the drop-down menu.

In this way, the rounded target target of a knot!

This issue of Tableau skills, have you get? Try it quickly!