Data Consumption
Tableau Data Management

Deliver the right data for innovation

Tableau Data Management helps deliver trusted, self-service analytics by scaling data automation and operationalization throughout the entire data and analytics lifecycle. Enrich the platform?s governance and security features while bringing together the power of data preparation and cataloging to make it easier to discover, understand, connect, and trust your data.

Simplify data connectivity
  • With virtual connections, you can create and share a central access point to your data source rather than connecting each workbook independently. This allows you to curate relevant tables for analysis while simplifying management and consolidating extracts and queries, reducing load on your data warehouse and Tableau environment.
Reimagine data governance
  • Define data security policies at the point of connection to your data. Data policies enable you to configure row-level security once for downstream assets, ensuring data is only visible to the appropriate groups or individuals, without leaving your Tableau ecosystem.

Why Choose Tableau Data Management

Tableau Data Management can help you better manage data in your analytics environment, ensuring that decisions are always made with trusted, up-to-date data. From data preparation to cataloging, search, and governance, Tableau Data Management accelerates adoption of self-service analytics by giving you more trust in your data.

Let everyone trust data
With Tableau Data Management, everyone from IT to individual analysts can gain visibility and control over their data to build trust in their data environment.
Easily discover the most suitable data
Tableau Data Management gives everyone confidence that the right data is being used for analysis.
Integrate with Tableau platform
This data management solution was originally developed by Tableau to meet its own needs, helping you get more out of your data and analytics environment.
Manage data at scale
It automates and automates data management, making it easier for you to self-service data preparation and analysis.