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Fully connected and reachable at small and medium , enterprises (SME) levels

Fully connected and reachable at small and
medium,enterprises (SME) levels

To let more users understand the beauty and charm of data visualization, and help non-professionals to build up their professional-level visualization applications through a graphical interfaces by organising conferences and workshops to assist their operational monitoring, risk warning, geographic information analysis and other business displays demand.
Application requirements:
System architecture diagram

TV wall

video signal
control host
users’ PCs
Fully connected and reachable at small and medium , enterprises (SME) levels
Extensive data + centralized security
More and more enterprises are building their information systems towards the mobile end. By integrating the API interfaces of echart, tableau and other visual components, we can widely integrate and distribute the data application content, and ensure the security of the data content through the restriction of trust. For domestic users, the team can quickly complete the app integration of enterprise wechat, Dingding, Feishu, Lanling, fanwei, Zhiyuan, cloud home, self-developed app and other office applications.
High-performance massive data application
Any large-scale enterprise already has a large amount of data. Therefore, with the expansion of the application scope of data consumption, many enterprises are also facing the scenario of efficient processing of massive data. By using the massive data integration scheme provided by youyida (adopting AWS Redshift, Vertica, Kylin and other technical architectures), you can easily expand the data application results to billions of data scenarios, so that your data value can be quickly reflected.
Gradually expanded cluster deployment
Realize the linear hardware expansion that gradually expands.
Cloud deployment and hosting
The data knowledge platform servers deployed on Alibaba cloud and AWS can be fully hosted by youyida. Customers only need to focus on their core business and will get timely and accurate data reports.

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