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Consolidated Group - New possibilities for data

The comprehensive group enterprise is large in scale and has many subsidiaries. The business scope and scope of the enterprise is very wide. With the continuous optimization of the management system and the continuous operation of the information system, the amount of operation and management data of integrated group companies has also increased.


Group Control


Internal Control

Group level executives:

  • external disclosure of listed companies
  • management data reporting
  • report to superior unit
  • industry benchmarking
  • mobile/apps.usages

Group level management personnel:

  • performance monitoring reports
  • budget management reports
  • risk management reports

General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Subsidiaries:

  • business data reports
  • financial analysis
  • special analysis
  • key industry index analysis

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Flexibility supported with quick and easily reporting formatting
Making use of Tableau's grouping function to expand the original corporate merger system into a sector merger system, which improve the efficiency and flexibility of holding or consolidated group financial analysis.
Flexible and adaptable level drilling
With Tableau's switching operation function to perform the drill-down path for analysis for decision-making users. It also support the data diversity of decision-making users which enables design users to efficiently and effectively form iterative scenarios.
Intuitive and effective disclosure of information
Using Tableau’s relationship map combined with the large-screen effect, the collective company’s multi-level equity relationship, personnel relationship, investment relationship, and important asset distribution can be formed into an information disclosure scenario, which not only provide intuitive information for the senior management levels, but also all levels of managers are able to provide data information index.

New possibilities for data

Leverage of investment funds

Typical application: credit evaluation

The financial credit evaluation method is introduced at/into the settlement center to manage the loan at the beginning, during and after the loan.

Typical application: treasury business

Through the advantages of centralized funds, internal and external financing is carried out to reflect the balance of funds and risk management.


Typical application: risk investment evaluation analysis

Through the integration of relevant market information and understanding of relative values of the investment industry,an evaluation for venture capital can be provided.

Typical application: evaluation of acquisition and integration operations

Through the reported financial data and core business resource information, we can understand business risks and evaluate the conditions of internal development

Typical Application: Quadrant for income growth evaluation

From an assessment quadrant based on income and growth, it provide an understanding of the growth of the projects investment by industry with an visualization view

Diversified core business

Typical application: financial indicator analysis

With a complete financial indicator, information can quickly identify and understand the operating conditions of companies at all levels.

Typical application: profit composition analysis

Making use of the cause method to analyze the profit composition, and set the parameters through the main influencing factors,for the budget and final accounts scenario.

Typical application: financial warning "warning signals"

By setting key indicator thresholds by industry, it can directly reflect the conditions of the business elements

Typical application: Audit-Benford's Law

Based on the "Benford Law", quickly build an audit logic to determine the abnormal content of the data.

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