DocuSign 通过在互联网上审核认证用户的数字签名,扮演着一位类似持有相关文件的中介人的角色。因而,DocuSign 不仅仅是提供一个电子签名那么简单,而是可以 帮助用户实现文件的自动化管理,包括从数据收集到整个交易完结的全过程。

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eSignature keeps your modern business moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract collaboration for every stage of the lifecycle

Contract collaboration doesn?t belong in email, documents and chats. With your most important documents stored and managed in one place, you can focus on what matters most.

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Streamline your workflows with connected integrations?more than 400 of them. Wherever you need contracts to work, they do.

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From everyday transactions to hundred-page contracts, DocuSign transforms how you prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements.

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