Lift a chestnut! Tableau Tips (128): Implementing a Six Sidement Machine Map with Space Files (Cellient Map)
published: 2021-06-08 15:04

In actual analysis scenario, when you need to analyze data according to geographical domain, you can directly use the map to pass a lot of geographic information, it is difficult to highlight the data information you want to express.

How to more highlight data information and ignore geographic information? Use a hexagon mesh map (cellular map) will be a good choice.

As shown in the figure below, each hexagon represents a geographic area (example as China), each region is based on its substantially geographical distribution, and it is easy to obtain data conclusions through color.

So, how to implement a hexagon mesh map in Tableau, share the method today!

The Tableau tricks we want to share with you this issue are: Use space files to achieve a hexagon mesh map (cellular map).

For the convenience of learning, chestnuts use Tableau to own the "example-supermarket" data source. After mastering the chestnut method, the data powder can try to use its own data.

Specific steps are as follows:

1, make spatial files

Making space files, as shown below (Take Geojson as an example):


2, connection space file

Open Tableau Desktop to connect to the "example-supermarket" data source that comes with Tableau.


Next, add the spatial file just made.


In the data source work interface, the connection mode is modified to the right connection.


Tips: Note the following when connecting space files!


3, create chart

New worksheets, double-click the metrics "geometry" in the "Data" pane.


Then, drag and drop the dimension "provincial / autonomous region (hexagon mesh)" to "Tag" "" tag and "detailed information", and drag and drop the metric "Marker" card. .


Click on the top menu bar "Map" - "Map Layer", on the left "map layer" pane, adjust "Error" in the "Background" to 100%:


Click "Color" of the "Mark" card to change the "boundary" in the "Effect" in the pop-up window. Then, click Edit Colors, in the Edit Color [Profit] dialog box, change the color to "Red - Green - Golden Dissu", click OK.


In this way, the hexagon mesh map is completed.

Tableau skills, have you get? Try it quickly!