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Fivetran is an automated data pipeline platform that moves data from cloud data platforms to cloud data warehouses. Fivetran automates the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process, from automated extraction to schema drift handling and transformation, giving data engineers in enterprises 99.9% uptime and autonomous data pipelines. They can focus on more critical projects and trust that enterprise data will always flow to accelerate data-driven decision-making.

2 Trillion+

Web Developer


Monthly hosted schema changes.


Managed connectors per month.


Uptime guarantee for data pipeline operation.

Fivetran is used for marketing analytics

Maximize Your Marketing Data

Empower your marketing team to uncover customer insights, enhance campaign performance, and drive ROI with new data from over 300 sources and automated transformations.

Sales + Customer Success Analytics: Arm Your Sales Team with Data-Driven Strategies

Gather sales and customer insights faster. Improve forecast accuracy, monitor sales channels, and more through automated, reliable, and secure data movement.

Optimize Customer Engagement Strategies

Incorporate engagement and transactional data so that sales teams can better understand the effectiveness of their engagement efforts, optimize their referral strategies, and automate outreach to connect with large-scale clients.

Accurate Pipeline Tracking

Combine marketing and engagement data to enable your sales team to monitor their channels in real-time, ensuring no leads are missed.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

Centralize relationship, support, and sentiment data to empower customer managers with deep insights into customer behavior, enabling them to proactively engage with customers, strategically expand usage, and prevent churn.

Financial Analysis: Changing the Future through Faster Financial Insights

Gain a clear understanding of financial futures through predictive and analytical insights driven by the freshest, fastest data. Combine data sources, uncover trends, and focus on the thriving of your business.

Speed up financial reconciliation

Consolidate data from various sources so that your finance team can streamline and expedite monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reporting.

Accurate profit and loss analysis

Leverage centralized data movement solutions and access to near-real-time data to rely on your profit and loss dashboard for accuracy.

Optimize forecasting and prediction

Utilize the latest data for forecasting and prediction without combing through various platforms, enabling your team to gain a more accurate understanding and mitigate risks more effectively than ever before.

Our Customers

Snowflake builds a top-notch data stack with Fivetran

For most businesses, 40% of marketing budgets are wasted due to the ineffectiveness of marketing activities. Measurement and visibility are
crucial for optimizing marketing.

— Lourenço Mello, Director of Product Marketing Solutions at Snowflake.

Autodesk fully commits to a modern data stack

With Fivetran, Snowflake, and dbt, both acquisitions have saved significant time in terms of timing and maintenance, and the company is creating a single source of truth for Autodesk and its multiple acquisitions. With its architecture, Autodesk can now integrate its BI dashboards, establish machine learning infrastructure, and enhance dbt testing and documentation.