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Real Estate - Data builds core competitiveness

The operation of real estate companies ranges from land acquisition, project planning, planning and design, to construction implementation, sales and property management. The project capital investment is huge and the cycle is long. The entire process requires constant critical decisions to ensure profits.
Data analysis is essential for decision making:
Predict users' preferences for the project in advance to improve profitability;
Real-time monitoring of project progress to ensure efficient allocation of resources;
Which marketing model to develop and which sales strategy to develop;
How to improve the level of property management and build the reputation of real estate enterprises

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Data builds core competitiveness

Customers’ profiles
competition analysis
customer extension management
market and project benchmarking
Sales Management
By using the integrated functions of Tableau Server, real estate management in the "pocket" is created. From focusing on various business indicators to focusing on the content of the whole process, from focusing on project results to focusing on the formation process of results.
dynamic classification and analysis of RFM for property residents
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