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Financial Industry - Use data to define value

With the rapid development of information technology and the acceleration of the capital market reform process, the securities market is facing the explosive growth of massive data. In the era of big data, the securities industry is facing multiple challenges such as traditional data architecture upgrades, data governance and standardization, so as to meet the new challenges such as new market segments, new environments, new customers and new business needs.

1. Help scientifically predict the expected risks and benefits, so as to make an objective evaluation of business feasibility, and effectively prevent and control financial risks;

2. Improve the efficiency of business operations, continue to innovate and improve the level of personalized service;

3. A more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers to make sales more accurate.

Innovative application models such as prediction marketing, robo-advisors, artificial intelligence and quantitative investment, abnormal transaction risk control, decentralized securities settlement, and automated research reports have emerged one after another, bringing new innovative ideas and opportunities to the securities industry. The new application model will bring deeper integration of technology and traditional business.

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Use data to define value

Bank ‒ flow of funds

Bank-Multi accounts

Securities- Customers’ account opening process

Securities-customers’ profiles, including customers’ account opening process

Securities-Intelligent Investment Research

Insurance-market segmentation

Fund - User Asset Target and Portrait

Fund- Wealth Management User Evaluation

Internet Finance-On line users behavior and promotion Channels

Auto financing, consumer financing, housing financing, wealth management platform, third-party payment, financial information

Rising demand for digital assets

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